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    Windows Terminal Server Licensing Mode

      Hi all.

      Anybody knows how to license a Windows Terminal Server to be used only throught SGD?. I have more than 100 users behind a SGD, and I want to export Windows applications to them.

      I know that there are to kinds of Windows Terminal Server licenses. Users or Devices CAL's. If I'm using SGD, do i need a license for each users, or with one license for each SGD server is enought?.

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          You do need to have CALs available on the clients or via a Terminal Server License Server see


          If you are on SGD 4.7 see this change to how SGD tracks the CALs

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            I thought that for Windows Terminal Server, the final client is the SGD, so no licenses are needed for final clients, only for SGD servers. The documentation is not so clear, because if you buy device licenses, the only device conected to the WIndows is the SGD.

            Is the SGD passing all the device information from the original client to the final Windows Terminal Server?, if this is the case, is normal to have as licenses as users or devices, but if this is the case, the final solution si very expensive.

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              It's not Oracle limitation or rules. It's rules of Microsoft.


              "You may deploy network architectures that use hardware or software to reduce the number of devices or users that directly access the software on a server. This is referred to as multiplexing or pooling. However, this does not reduce the number of CALs required to access or use the server software. A CAL is required for each device or user that is connected to the multiplexing or pooling software or hardware front end."

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                This is very clear right now.