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    EJB Session Bean & OBIEE 11g

      Hi everyone,

      So our issue is this: we are trying to embed a Java Method in an EJB session bean and then call it from BI EE (we are also following the steps shown here: http://www.rittmanmead.com/2010/09/oracle-bi-ee-11g-action-framework-java-ejbs-and-pdf-watermarks/). Everything seems to work fine until we create an Agent and from the Actions tab, then select "invoke a Java method".

      We are getting the message "No Content". Any ideas on how this can be solved? Probably it has something to do with configuring ActionFrameConfig.xml properly.

      BI version: Oracle Business Intelligence
      Server OS: Linux
      Oracle JDeveloper version: Studio Edition Version

      Willing to provide more info if needed.

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          Have you copy past the xml content from webpage to the .xml file?
          I would suggest to do manually type each line and see.

          If you are through then update with solution
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            Hi Srini,

            Thanks for the fast reply, but I couldn't understand what you meant by that. Could you please clarify? What do you need me to do?

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              Hi, the prolem is in ActionFrameworkConfig.xml file. I took a look at the ActionFrameworkConfig.xml file in the link you gave. You need to add this to your file :

              In accounts add this :

                        <description>Account used to access WLS JNDI.</description>

              And in content-types, add this :

                   <displayname>Java Actions</displayname>

              This may be too late, but it can help somone else.


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