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    Expired password

      Hi all,

      I have users with expired password but they are not locked and still can login?
      SQL>  SELECT username,expiry_date FROM dba_users WHERE expiry_date-sysdate<=7;
      USERNAME                       EXPIRY_DA
      ------------------------------ ---------
      NEO_SC                         14-MAR-12
      APEX_SSO                       04-SEP-12
      MGMT_VIEW                      29-JAN-12
      SYS                            29-JAN-12
      DBSNMP                         05-FEB-12
      ANONYMOUS                      02-APR-10
      SYSMAN                         05-FEB-12
      FLOWS_FILES                    02-APR-10
      MDSYS                          02-APR-10
      ORDSYS                         02-APR-10
      EXFSYS                         02-APR-10
      USERNAME                       EXPIRY_DA
      ------------------------------ ---------
      SCOTT                          02-AUG-11
      WMSYS                          02-APR-10
      ORACLE_OCM                     02-APR-10
      APPQOSSYS                      02-APR-10
      XS$NULL                        02-APR-10
      OWBSYS_AUDIT                   02-APR-10
      MDDATA                         02-APR-10
      ORDDATA                        02-APR-10
      CTXSYS                         02-APR-10
      OUTLN                          02-APR-10
      DIP                            02-APR-10
      USERNAME                       EXPIRY_DA
      ------------------------------ ---------
      APEX_PUBLIC_USER               02-APR-10
      XDB                            02-APR-10
      SPATIAL_CSW_ADMIN_USR          02-APR-10
      SPATIAL_WFS_ADMIN_USR          02-APR-10
      ORDPLUGINS                     02-APR-10
      OWBSYS                         02-APR-10
      SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA             02-APR-10
      OLAPSYS                        02-APR-10
      30 rows selected.
      How to make it take effect?

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          alter user <username> identified by <new_password>;

          to make password unexpired:
          in the profile of the user--> alter profile <profile_name> LIMIT password_life_time UNLIMITED;
          *not recommended                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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            Mahir M. Quluzade

            Did you created users with default profile?

            When you create a user account, a default password policy is assigned to that user account. The default password policy for a newly installed database includes these directives:
            1. The password for the user account expires automatically in 180 days.
            2. The user account is locked 7 days after password expiration.
            3. The user account is locked for 1 day after 10 failed login attempts.

            The default password policy is assigned to user accounts through a database object called a profile.


            Mahir M. Quluzade
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              my fault, i didn't read it at all.

              When your user password expired, he could be connect some days. Depends the value of PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME. This value is the days that your user still can connect, if the grace time is set to unlimited you can login without problem

              Check Ed Stevens blog's:
              *edited link, i posted another....

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                Girish Sharma
                Please read below link where Ed has explained very well in detail :


                @ Ed,
                Thank you so much for such a nice explanation.

                Girish Sharma
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