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    How to fix Action Link Issue in Table and Pivot Table when used Section

      My OBIEE Version: OBIEE
      Issue Description: Action links (Navigate to BI Content) doesn't work in PIVOT TABLE or TABLE object when used Section area (one or more columns in Section area).

      If you want to recreate this issue please follow next steps:
      1.     First of all you have to create one analyse with min 3 columns (for example Time.“Calendar date“, Product.Product, „Base Fact“. Revenue -> from Sample Sales Lite )
      2.     From column properties -> Set value Action Link Interaction on some column for example Product.Product (choose Navigate to BI Content -> any created BI report )
      3.     Click Results Tab choose Pivot Table and assigned one dimension column to Section area
      4.     Click preview icon
      5.     When you click on action link nothing happens
      6.     If you drug and drop column from Section Area to Excluded, Table or Pivot table Area then Action Link works perfectly

      How to fix this issue?

      I'll be grateful for any help!