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    rman issue

      We have setup new 11g rac database.
      we are getting validation failed for archived log even though archivelogs are present in node2 as we are running from the first node by using crosscheck archivelog all command in rman prompt .

      Archivelogs are placed in local disks in both nodes and also this partion is mounted each other and this archive log partion can be visible in another node.

      Could uot please provide the soultion.
      Database version : on linux OS
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          Hi Friend,

          Normally we have to place Archive Log Files in Shared Storage Location because of good reason "If we place Archive Log files in Local disks of the node, if local disk crashes then if second node requires archive log files from first node for recovery then it will not possible to recover"

          Archive Log files should be accessible from shared storage location for both the instances.

          If time permits please change the location of Archive Log files.

          Try the following option : Catalog that location from that node and try. If you catalog RMAN knows the location thru 'CATALOG' command

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            Thanks for the rply,
            Can you please provide the command
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              open a sql plus on both nodes and issue archive log list or show parameter log_archive_dest . That will tell you location an make sure they are the same for shared device. To alter the one that is different

              alter system set log_archive_dest = '<new location>' scope = spfile;
              alter system switch logfile;

              restart database if you really want to be sure it took.

              SQL> archive log list
              Database log mode Archive Mode
              Automatic archival Enabled
              Archive destination /ps_u04/oradata/prd
              Oldest online log sequence 520475
              Next log sequence to archive 520482
              Current log sequence 520482

              after all this catalog your archive logs
              delete archivelogs not backed up
              delete expired archivelogs
              delete obsolete archivelogs
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                Archivelogs MUST be on SHARED storage.. If you are using ASM, you can create an ACFS volume and write archivelogs and RMAN backups to that device and be able to backup those files to tape.