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    permissions to access the inventory


      I'm having a slight problem that I can't understand why or how to properly fix it.

      First, I am trying to install Oracle on a server that I had just repurposed.
      This server had previously been set up with Oracle
      The server is running Linux 2.6.

      So, first, the server was originally laid out improperly and I have more or less repartitioned it and starting over.
      I've unmounted the old partitions and downloaded Oracle
      I ran it first and it apparently found the old location for the oraInventory, (probably because I had the old path still in my .profile).

      Anyway, so now I've cleaned up my .profile and I've renamed the directory that the old oraInventory was located.
      For reference, it was located at /opt/oracle/app/oraInventory, but I dont' want it to use this location any more.
      How can I get the OUI installer to stop looking in this location?

      It keeps giving me error (now that I renamed 'app' to '_app' so it can't find it).
      The error I get is:

      You do not have sufficient permissions to access the inventory '/opt/oracle/app/oraInventory'. Installation cannot continue.....

      So, I even unzipped my downloaded software again, but that didn't help.
      Does it put some file someplace that it looks to read?
      I cleaned out /tmp already.