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    Hiding User Names in P6

    Charles Wright
      We have implemented P6 and P6 Analytics for a customer and are using Oracle Secure Global Desktop without SSO technology. Due to the size of the implementation, and because various groups are using the system, we needed a common naming convention. The best method we found to use due to the nature of the implementation is to use the user's National Number; Passport Number or Social Security. Even though we encrypt the data at a database level, users can still see other user's user number and personal name in the system. I did a study to see where this number becomes available to another P6 user and came up with the following:

      1) When sharing views; Layouts; Filters; Portfolios Views; Dashboards and Scenarios.
      2) P6 Team Member Functionality - Status Reviewer; Activity Owner or Email.
      3) P6 Standard Fields like: Added By; Modified By; Last Modified By; Checked Out By and Author.

      In P6 Analytics I managed to suppress user IDs from other users.

      When I look inside the database (SQL Developer - Admuser - USERS table) I see that the passwords are encrypted. Is there a way that I can suppress the username or encrypt i on the front end? A user only needs to use their Passport / Social Security number to login to the system, from then on it must be hidden.