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    Java Plug-In Versions

      I am the Windows administrator for my organization. We are currently utilizing SGD 4.62. We are having problems determining the correct version of Java plug-in to use for each Windows workstation. One user, for instance, had Java 1.6_17 installed with IE7. Everything worked great. When she was upgraded to IE8, she was presented with a screen from SGD asking her to install Java. Does anyone have specific versions of Java and the IE counterparts that work with SGD 4.62?


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          IE 7 and 8, with Java 1.6_x, should work with SGD 4.62 (see documentation at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19351-01/E23646/E23646-03.pdf).

          Try to get the user to test the Java installation in her browser by pointing it to http://www.java.com/ and following the instruction to verify and/or install Java. When Java is working in the browser, SGD should be OK.
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            You should check in IE8 under Tools > Manage Add-ons whether or not the Java plug-in is enabled.
            And enable it if the status is disabled.

            The same things applies to version of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Check if Java plug-in is enabled.
            If you use IE9 you should switch to compatibility mode in order to avoid the missing Java plug-in message.