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    Oracle VM Server for SPARC - network multipathing architecture question

      This is a general architecture question about how to best setup network multipathing

      I am reading the "Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.2 Administration Guide" but I can't find what I am looking for.

      From reading the document is appears it is possible to:
      (a) Configure IPMP in the Service Domain (pg. 155)
      - This protects against link level failure but won't protect against the failure of an entire Service LDOM?
      (b) Configure IPMP in the Guest Domain (pg. 154)
      - This will protect against Service LDOM failure but moves the complexity to the Guest Domain
      - This means the there are two (2) VNICs in the guest though?

      In AIX, "Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) Failover" it presents a single NIC to the guest but can tolerate failure of a single VIOS (~Service LDOM) as well as link level failure in each VIO Server.

      Is there not a way to do something similar in Oracle VM Server for SPARC that provides the following:
      (1) Two (2) Service Domains
      (2) Network Redundancy within the Service Domain
      (3) Service Domain Redundancy
      (4) Simplify the Guest Domain (ie single virtual NIC) with no IPMP in the Guest


      Virtual Disk Multipathing appears to work as one would expect (at least according the the documentation, pg. 120). I don't need to setup mpxio in the guest. So I'm not sure why I would need to setup IPMP in the guest.

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