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    Creating Logic for FDM Sign Flip Rule

      I am working through an implantation of FDM ( for a Hyperion Enterprise environment and we have > 70 different locations to create. Some will share a common parent, but most will not. We were using HAL prior to FDM and HAL would allow us to utilize a Sign Flip Rule for the load to Enterprise, but FDM, as you're aware, works in a considerably different manner.

      For HAL we had a list of high-level accounts that we knew would need to have their sign flipped before loading to Hyperion, and we could use a wildcard to work for this account. For example, when "Accounts" = "CashEquiv*" then "0". Using this method, we were not required to specifically required to identify each individual sub account, rather we could just call out out the first-level account and say that anything that falls below that, should be flipped. Is there any way to do this in FDM? Would it possible to write logic to do this? Individually selecting each tick box for each account is going to take forever.