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    Creating Oracle OATS scripts on Linux


      I've just installed OATS on my Linux (32 bit Redhat 5) server and was wondering if you could create Openscript test scripts or other scripts in a Linux OS? With Windows it was as simple as starting up Openscript and creating a test.

      I have a windows 32 bit box connected to this server, should I create the scripts on said box and send them over? If so I'm presuming the OTM allows you to run said scripts?

      Finally is there any Linux based documentation for OATS?
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          You cannot (yet ;-) ) use OpenScript on Linux. You can however run scripts from Linux (in OTM or in OLT). So you need to create your scripts on windows and share the repository between Linux & Windows (use samba for example)
          Check the release notes & standard OATS documentation. There is also another thread in that forum talking about the way to do it.