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    Java app and cloud

      we have a java based app and an oracle database 11g
      We are currently hosting (for our customers) the app and the database on our own infrastructure
      We are planning to move the app and the oracle database on Oracle cloud
      Is it possible?
      What licenses are required?
      How would the database be moved to Oracle Cloud?
      How would the app be deployed on oracle cloud

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          anybody has tried this setup yet?
          Any suggestions?
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            I think you will get an answer to this question in the forum for the Java Cloud Service. What you are describing is the design goal of that service.

            Hope this helps.

            - Rick Greenwald
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              I apologize for delayed response. Yes, in general you can move Java EE applications to Oracle Java Cloud Service and move the corresponding data to Oracle Database Cloud Service. But you need to make sure that your application fits the surface area exposed by Java Cloud Service. You can check that in couple of ways: (1) when you try to deploy your application in our cloud, it will run a whitelist process that will indicate if you are using features/APIs that are currently unavailable in the cloud. Your can run the whitelist offline using the Java Cloud Service SDK. The SDK zip has a help file that explains how to run the whitelist. (2) You can read the chapter in our documentation that explains what is available in Java Cloud Service today. Here is the link http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/CSJSU/feat_implement.htm#CSJSU7149

              Once you determine that your application can fit within the surface area of the Java Cloud Service, you can deploy it. You can move you data as explained here -- http://docs.oracle.com/cloud/CSDBU/develop.htm#CSDBU204

              Hope that helps.