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      • 15. Re: Simulate Failover between Primary RAC to single instance
        Hi Guru,

        I have another quention related reinstate fail primary using backup from disk. It is possible using daily backup before fail over to reinstate the fail primary. I have some refer document but not sure whether is working as per below. I was doubt if do not have backup standby controlfile how it able to mount and restore/recover. Based of you experience, may be you can clear my doubt

        on the new primary run as

        sql > select to_char(standby_become_primary_scn) from v$database

        on fail primary run as

        rman > run
        set until scn <standby_become_primary_scan +1 >;
        restore database;
        recover database;

        SQL > alter database convert to physical standby;

        SQL > shutdown immediate;

        SQL > startup mount;

        SQL > alter database open read only;

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