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    Problems with Peopletools installation on Linux x86 32-bit

      I am trying to stand up a Peoplesoft Environment on a VM running Oracle Linux.
      I have created the VM, installed the OS, Tuxedo, Jrockit, and Weblogic. But, upon installing
      Peopletools 8.51, I ran into an error.

      After giving the commands:
      [hc91@localhost InstData]# chmod 777 setup.linux
      [hc91@localhost InstData]# ./setup.linux

      the installer launches, Only to immediately return with the following messages:

      ./setup.linux: line 2471: /tmp/install.dir.4101/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: can not execute binary file

      ./setup.linux: line 2471: /tmp/intall.dir.4101/Linux/resource/jre/bin/java: Sucess

      Then it returns back to [root@localhost ~]#
      and it does not continue with the install....
      Any help getting Peopletools installed is appreciated.