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    Group entry exceeds 2048 char: /etc/group entry truncated

      Hello folks,

      As we know, /etc/group file can hold max of 2018 char per group name.

      What happen if there are so many users (1000) need to be part of one single group?

           "UX: useradd: WARNING: Group entry exceeds 2048 char: /etc/group entry truncated."

      I am getting an error as mentioned above.

      Exploring, I came to know, I need to differentiate with group name with same guid. (as mentioned below)

      groupids::12345: (This is the primary group id, it's close to 2000 char, I don't want to add any more into this part)

      When I try add a user with groupdi2 as a secondary group, it's getting updated in all the groupname which as similar guid (12345)

      Here I want the newly created user should be part of groupid1 only and should have similar functionally as groupids

      Solaris 10 it's.

      Plz suggest.