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    OEM12C: install and use exachk plugin

    Daryl E.
      I have installed the plugin and installed the latest exachk on the exa node. Its only a qtr rack exa for this test case.
      I ran exachk and it created a directory w a date name in w the outputs.
      The question is..how to config the plugin? I put in the exachk directory but the output directory will change each time exachk is run.
      I assume i should set this up to run via cron say once or twice a month. Also i assume the -s or -S option would be used.
      This is the lastest oem 12c w latest exachk on linux exadata.
      Anyone have this configured?
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          Daryl E.
          Missed a key part
          export RAT_OUTPUT=/home/oracle/exachkoutput
          export RAT_COPY_EM_XML_FILES=1
          also created that on the other node
          and updated the monitoring config.
          Retry and re-running ...
          Will update with new findings.

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            Daryl E.
            I notice that there is an error..
            There seems to be an incomplete/ erroneous execution of Exachk, that resulted in no creation of exachk_results.xml and exachk_exceptions.xml. Please correct the problem by rerunning Exachk and make sure the output is contained in any one of these mentioned files.

            The files created using the product are of <SID>exachkresults.xml and <SID>exachkexceptions.xml

            Is the plugin capable of seeing these? or should I perhaps create soft links for them??
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              Daryl E.
              I have output showing in oem now.. so now to see if i need to ln -s <SID>exachkresults.xml exachk_results.xml or not..
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                Exachk should copy the output files to the directory you specified in the session environment before kicking off exachk the first time.

                You may want to set RAT_OUTPUT and RAT_COPY_EM_XML_FILES in the same session environment where you would then start exachk again. You will have to wait for the next run to see the results after exachk is executed next run.

                Not sure if EM will read a soft linked file in that directory. Would be interesting to know if you can view the files you link...
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                  Daryl E.
                  There is no magic here .. right? ... you said "You will have to wait for the next run " -- i have to run this via cron or whatever .. it doesnt do this automatically.
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                    Em Engineered Systems-Oracle
                    Hi Daryl E.

                    As of today, the most current release of ExaChk v2.2. After researching your problem description, it appears that there is a similarly described issue resolved in ExaChk v2.2.

                    If you are not on v2.2, please download the latest version of Exachk4Exalogic from MOS note:

                    Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Exachk (Doc ID 1449226.1)

                    If ExaChk version 2.2 resolves your problem please update this thread with the final resolution for the OTN community. Alternatively if you are currently on ExaChk version 2.2 I would open a support case.
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                      Daryl E.
                      Using version 2.2.0_20121109. I was able to get it to work on 6 of 7 exadatas, the 7th I got working by pointing it to node 2 of the cluster. A co-worker had similar issues getting her exadata to report into her oem12c r2 system.
                      It seems we just keep deleteing/dropping/re-adding the target etc and finally it works. No rhyme or reason really.

                      I dont think i will torture myself with an SR for this case .. not sure even what pulldowns to classify this under anyways..

                      Thanks for any and all responses.
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                        Daryl E.
                        Where does rack identifier get populated from? Its blank in the xml files and I see, what I assume is non critical alerts in the logs about it being empty. Should it be set somewhere?
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                          For Exadata, the RackIdentifier is not collected and is always empty in the exachk output xml files. This field is hence not visible in the UI for the plugin target on Exadata.
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                            Daryl E.
                            The reason I asked is the exachk plugin, every time you hit the main plugin page it logs a warning/error in the gcagent.log file - every 15seconds (refresh?)

                            2012-12-13 14:53:22,916 [1059814:6BF2DAF4:HTTP Listener-1059814 - /emd/main/ (DispatchRequests OMS@28244@XXXXXXX=>[135541029790008])] INFO - >>> Dispatching request: GetMetricDataRequest (Summary@oracle_exadata_hc.EDWS Exachk {}) <<<

                            2012-12-13 14:53:23,004 [1059814:6BF2DAF4] INFO - >>> Reporting response: GetMetricDataResponse (Summary@oracle_exadata_hc.EDWS Exachk 2012-12-13T14:53:22.918Z columns: [MODEL_VERSION:STRING, RACK_TYPE:STRING, ENGINEERED_SYSTEMS_TYPE:STRING, RACK_IDENTIFIER:STRING, EXADATA_TYPE:STRING] rows: {#1=< 2.2.0_20121109,FULL,Exadata,,X2-2>}) (request id 1) <<<

                            2012-12-13 14:53:23,004 [1059814:6BF2DAF4] INFO - observed collection value for column "RACK_IDENTIFIER" is null for metric Summary on oracle_exadata_hc target EDWS Exachk; removing

                            Fills up the log file pretty quickly..

                            Like to put something in that field if I could .. just to stop the logs from filling up.