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    SMB sharing question

      I have a question, I know I'm doing something wrong, and I'm looking for direction

      here's the scenario

      I have the following file systems, i'm going to use example names for the sake of privacy

      pool/users | smb share name = users$
      pool/users/user1 | smb share name = user1$
      pool/users/user2 | smb share name = user2$
      pool/users/user3 | smb share name = user3$

      each user is mapping a home drive to its respective share

      I want my admin account to map the root users$ share. the problem is, when i do this, I don't see the the individual user folders....

      I'm suspecting their not inheritering a certain property, and that's what i'm looking for help with, because i've clearly done something wrong, missed something, or there's something i just havent done right
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          Hi St. Louis,

          I'm not that great with SMB sharing but I reviewed this issue with someone who is.

          I'm a terrible middleman but he thinks this issue is related to this bug:

          15410713 Child Mounts

          The Solaris SMB implementation does not yet support the ability to traverse
          a file system that is mounted in a SMB share. This is handled in Windows through
          referrals. Our current SMB sharing does not support hierarchical traversal.

          I believe the jist of this is that if each of your user*$ shares are actual file systems
          rather than just plain directories, then you won't see the individual folders. You might
          run a quick test by creating user directories rather than file systems to see if this
          resolves the problem.

          Thanks, Cindy

          I see from the Solarsi SMB guide that it refers to shares (directories).
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            ughr, really.....

            child folders do show, i knew that before.

            that sounds like that is the issue though....wonderful
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              I'm experiencing this same issue. Is it considered a bug or just a feature that is not available? If I create a regular folder in the mypool/myfilesystem/ it shows owner as a regular user. Once I do "zfs create mypool/myfilesystem/name_of_existing_folder" then the permissions show as the owner being root. Once this happens the folder disappears. If I want access to it I either use SSH or mount it directly (smb://IPADDRESS/name_of_existing_folder). Another thing I noticed is that if the folder is existing and you create a zfs filesystem on top of it the folder must be empty. Otherwise it will give you an error saying the filesystem was created but it was not mounted because it's not empty. We now have to sync our old user share directory on a folder by folder basis, which makes it really tough.