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    How to disable REAL TIME QUERY in DG 11gr2 ?


      With 11gr2, by default, on STARTUP, the standby database is open
      -> in READ ONLY mode
      -> with Intended State: APPLY-ON

      so the ACTIVE DATAGUARD option is in use ....

      is there a way to deactivate REAL TIME QUERY permanently,
      so whether on STARTUP or STARTUP MOUNT, the standby stay only mounted with Intended State: APPLY-ON

      The only way i found is to do the following :

      SQL> startup
      DGMGRL> edit database 'PHNXENT' set state='APPLY-OFF';

      SQL> startup mount
      DGMGRL> edit database 'PHNXENT' set state='APPLY-ON';

      but this can leads to mistake ....