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    How to use Golden Gate for ETL purpose

      Hi Oracle Gurus, i have a situation where i am thinking to replace our oracle PL/SQL package with Golden Gate to process our ETL.

      I mean we use PL/SQL package, which has several procedures and functions in it and we process our application data using this package to transform that data for our downstream clients.

      I was just wondering how we can achieve this using golden gate? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

      Thanks a lot :)
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          Annamalai A

          What is your exact requirement? is there any data transformation required to transfer the data from upstream to downstream ?

          What is your downstream client details? you want to transfer the data one to one or morethan one down stream clients?
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            Hi Annamalai

            We have a ETL login in our local database, and ETL processed data is pulled by our down stream clients, We are seeing that current ETL is not capable enough to execute such a huge load. So we wanted to port our raw data to secondary database and run ETL login on secondary database and to parallelize it accordingly.

            I was just thinking, can we use ETL logic inside OGG parameters, so we can load transformed data to secondary database. So no need of running ETL in secondry database. May be i sound little foolish, but just a thought.

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              Jinyu Wang-Oracle
              You can perform simple transformations. But this really depends on the type of transformations. Because Oracle GoldenGate perform one record a time during replication, for certain ETL transformation, it might not provide the idea performance.

              You might also consider Oracle ODI.