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    Cannot create any objects at all

      I have an Oracle database running our applications just fine.
      I tried modifying some tables and creating some views but I receive following error :

      ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 2
      ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource

      I stopped and started the database to be sure there would be no locks around. But still the same.

      After some more testing it looks like I cannot create any object at all. Some googling came up with the fact my data dictionary might be corrupt.

      I guess I can just export the database and recreate it and import again. I don't want use my RMAN backup to rollback as data has already been created since I first had the problem.

      Anyone have had this issue before and what did you do ?
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          Marcus Rangel
          Every deadlock generates an entry on the alert.log file; each entry will point you to a trace file that contains every detail about the deadlock.
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            In addition to checking the deadlock trace, have you done anything "interesting" with things like DDL triggers? You can definitely get yourself tangled up in knots if you happen to have a misbehaving DDL trigger that you've forgotten about-- I've done that to myself on my local instance a few times.

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              The trace was the first think I looked up myself but it just gave me the info that the session locked itself.

              I haven't used any ddl triggers.
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                Are you saying you looked at the deadlock trace and the trace indicated that the session deadlocked with itself? A deadlock inherently requires at least two different processes holding locks and blocking each other. It shouldn't be possible for a session to deadlock itself (outside of, maybe, some autonomous transaction oddities). Can you post the deadlock trace that leads you to believe that the session deadlocked with itself?

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                  This is part of the trace file :

                  *** ACTION NAME:() 2012-12-13 15:28:25.874
                  *** MODULE NAME:(SQL*Plus) 2012-12-13 15:28:25.874
                  *** SERVICE NAME:(oramult) 2012-12-13 15:28:25.874
                  *** SESSION ID:(1062.879) 2012-12-13 15:28:25.874
                  DEADLOCK DETECTED ( ORA-00060 )
                  [Transaction Deadlock]
                  The following deadlock is not an ORACLE error. It is a
                  deadlock due to user error in the design of an application
                  or from issuing incorrect ad-hoc SQL. The following
                  information may aid in determining the deadlock:
                  Deadlock graph:
                  ---------Blocker(s)-------- ---------Waiter(s)---------
                  Resource Name process session holds waits process session holds waits
                  TX-000a002d-0098a33e 22 1062 X 22 1062 S
                  session 1062: DID 0001-0016-0000000C     session 1062: DID 0001-0016-0000000C
                  Rows waited on:
                  Session 1062: no row
                  Information on the OTHER waiting sessions:
                  End of information on OTHER waiting sessions.
                  Current SQL statement for this session:
                  delete from obj$ where obj# = :1
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                    Marcus Rangel
                    Well, this one is really weird. Do you have access to MOS/Metalink so you can open a SR ?
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                      Richard Harrison .
                      Very odd - the other strange thing is that the trace file shows a delete from obj$ implying that an objects of some sort is being dropped when you try and create something? I can only think that this is a recyclebin issue maybe (try purge dba_recyclebin) or there is some ddl trigger in place doing something, or as you first implied a dictionary corruption of some sort.