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    Import Images from SQL file

    Ben C
      Hi All

      We had exported our workspace images as a .sql file and now I am not sure how to import them into our new APEX instance.
      When I try to upload the file as images, it just uploads the whole file as a the same .sql file.
      We had exported about 3-4 images and when exported, it created them as a single .sql file.
      Is there a different way to upload images when they were previously all exported in a signle .sql file?

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          Images can be uploaded/downloaded and exported/imported. The files resulting from these operations are not interchangeable: you can't import a download or upload an export file. If you have an export file it must imported, not uploaded.

          See http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/doc.42/e35125/deploy_import.htm#sthref2696
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            Ben C
            AH I See now! You have to import under the Application menu and not under the Image create menu. I was going to Create Image and uploading the file that way so that makes sense.