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    TimeBalance Property EPMA


      I am trying to load account members via ads file & I am able to import all the members successfully except for the Time balance property for those accounts. When I have successfully uploaded the members I went into application library in EPMA & I don't see any time balance property on right hand side panel under planning as a drop down selection for those members. However if i add member manually I do have that option in property panel. Below is my ads file


      WFP-Accounts|Assumption Input|StoreData|NonCurrency|Flow
      Assumption Input|AL_SUI Rate Input|StoreData|Percentage|Flow

      More over when I edit my profile & try to map the Timebalance property I don't even see that in the drop down of the application property to map to which I think is the fundamentally wrong.

      Please advise

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          Madhavi Banavali
          Which Version is this?

          Can you try updaing a record with all the properties as mentioned below in the ADS file?


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            I did try to put all the columns in the ads file. When I edit the profile & try to map my properties from flat file to the application properties available I only see the following options:

            1) DataType
            2) DataStorage
            3) Plan1aggregation
            4) Plan2aggregation
            5) Plan3aggregation
            6) WorkforceAggregation
            7) CapexAggregation
            8) Consolidation
            9) HierarchyType
            10) PrimaryLevelWeighting
            11) BSOMemberDataStorage

            Still I am missing a lot of properties including Time balance to map to . Not sure if we need to enable these properties from application side to have it show over there?