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    BEA_HOME enviroment variable: what is it?

      Could someone explain for me what I am suposed to fill in BEA_HOME to be able to harvast from Eclipse to OER? I am trying to follow this blog "http://brajeshde.blogspot.com.br/2012/01/my-first-experience-of-osb11gr1ps2.html" and I have no idea what is the purpose of BEA_HOME? Should I point to weblogic home?
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          point bea home to your installaion home folder

          for example.

          installaion is at the location " C:\weblogic\11g_ps5\"
          you will see following folders under it

          in the above case BEA_HOME=C:\weblogic\11g_ps5\

          Vipin R.S
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            What is the corect setting to be point by BEA_HOME enviroment variable?
            My filesystem is:
            01/11/2012 10:44 <DIR> coherence_3.7
            29/11/2012 18:06 603 domain-registry.xml
            01/11/2012 15:22 <DIR> JDev11g
            01/11/2012 10:44 <DIR> jdk160_29
            14/12/2012 16:57 <DIR> logs
            29/11/2012 15:58 <DIR> modules
            01/11/2012 10:44 625 ocm.rsp
            14/12/2012 13:55 <DIR> oepe_11.
            01/11/2012 14:13 <DIR> oracle_common
            01/11/2012 14:14 <DIR> Oracle_OSB1
            01/11/2012 14:07 <DIR> Oracle_SOA1
            29/11/2012 15:59 137.285 registry.dat
            29/11/2012 15:59 3.665 registry.xml
            22/11/2012 11:54 <DIR> registry111
            29/11/2012 15:59 <DIR> repository111
            01/11/2012 14:29 <DIR> user_projects
            01/11/2012 10:40 <DIR> utils
            01/11/2012 14:14 <DIR> wlserver_10.3
            4 File(s) 142.178 bytes
            16 Dir(s) 144.914.165.760 bytes free

            While reading OER Guide, I read that I should point to my OSB HOme which in my case is C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_OSB1. Other blog tells me that I should point to WebLogic home which in my case is C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3. And even other blog tell to point to the home where is all my Oracle tolls which in my case should be C:\Oracle\Middleware. What is the purpose to set this system variable? I can run weblogic, OSB and OER without that. The only reason I setted BEA_HOME was to use harvester and untill now, apparently there are no diference what the path I set the variable with.
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              in your Case following are the properties
              BEA_HOME: C:\Oracle\Middleware



              ORACLE_HOME: you can any of the "OSB/SOA" home based on the need.

              Why do we need this?
              Especially when you are working on following
              1. WLST scripts
              2. Setting and running some of the b2b related en-queue or de-queuing message from the backend
              and many cases as of now i can think only above 2.

              NOTE: if you really not interested on backend scirpt execution/harvesting/purging etc you don't need worry about these parameters

              Vipin R.S

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