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    Report Generation with Endeca

      Hi ,

      We are trying to implement the Endeca Logging and Report Generation in our application. I have followed LogServerReportGen.pdf provided by Endeca.

      1. We implemented logging API calls in our code.
      2. Created a logserver component in Workbench and specified all the neccessary details
      3. Created a report generation componentin Workbech

      When i am trying to start the Report Generation component its failing, i am not able to figure out what is the problem here.

      Aslo do we need to develop and new script and provision it in workbech for Generating report ? How this report generation works.

      Can some one list out what i am missing ?

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          Pravin Chikhale
          If you try to run log sever component it will throw an error bcoz it assumes that you have copied logs to specified folder, but if you try to run it from script section in admin console, it will copy required logs to specified folder and execute report generator program. These steps are given in AppConfig.xml, in daily and weekly report generation script.


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            Hi Praving,

            I tried to run it from scripts tab in Workbench admin console. It ran fine without any failures

            What i am seeing in the view reports tab is empty all 0 values.... but we could see lot of our call recorded in Logserver output files... somewhere the connection between them is missing. I just used the existing logserver and report generation scripts provided OOB from Endeca.

            I havenet logged the key SESSION_ID in loggin calls, will it matter, do you see this as the reasong.

            The below is the logserver output I could see

            L2012_12_17.10_14_10{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=210,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=29,PAGE_TIME=0,TYPE=UNKNOWN}
            L2012_12_17.10_14_29{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=260,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=11,PAGE_TIME=10,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Cakes,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_14_45{AUTOCORRECT_TO=cakes,DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=100,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=11,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Cakys,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_15_04{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=70,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=4,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Wine,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_15_22{DIMS=Wine%2CBy Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/Wine/Wine%2C/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=40,NUMREFINEMENTS=2,NUM_RECORDS=4,PAGE_TIME=0,TYPE=SN}
            L2012_12_17.10_15_49{DIMS=Wine%2CBy Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/Wine/Red%2C/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=40,NUMREFINEMENTS=2,NUM_RECORDS=4,PAGE_TIME=0,TYPE=SN}
            L2012_12_17.10_16_53{DIMS=Wine%2CBy Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/Wine/Red%2C/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=130,NUMREFINEMENTS=2,NUM_RECORDS=0,PAGE_TIME=0,TYPE=SN}
            L2012_12_17.10_17_06{DIMS=Wine%2CBy Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/Wine/Red%2C/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=110,NUMREFINEMENTS=2,NUM_RECORDS=0,PAGE_TIME=0,TYPE=SN}
            L2012_12_17.10_17_20{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=80,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=0,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Strawberry,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_17_31{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=160,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=0,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Lemon,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_17_42{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=81,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=9,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Red,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_18_00{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=80,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=2,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Occasion,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_18_14{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=110,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=1,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Basket,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_18_31{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=140,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=3,PAGE_TIME=1,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Blooms,TYPE=S}
            L2012_12_17.10_19_51{DIMS=By Fulfilment Type,DVALS=/By Fulfilment Type/Both,ENE_TIME=30,NUMREFINEMENTS=1,NUM_RECORDS=3,PAGE_TIME=0,SEARCH_KEY=all,SEARCH_MODE=mode+matchany,SEARCH_TERMS=Blooms,TYPE=S}
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              Michael Peel-Oracle
              You're getting a report generated, but it is empty, is that correct? If so then it is probably that logging data doesn't exist for the time period of the report. In your example the log data is all for today - if you run the script GenerateDailyReport, it will pull in logging data for yesterday. Try copying the logserver_output file, renaming the date/time stamp to yesterday, editing the file and doing a search/replace of 12_12_17 with 12_12_16, then running the GenerateDailyReport script again.

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                Hi Michael,

                Yes you are correct, there are no log files of yesterday, which is causing the empty report.

                I did created the logs with yesterday's date, and now i am able to see the reports.

                Thanks a lot for help