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    Place a Tab Canvas within a Tab Canvas (there is more Stack Canvas)

      I Use Forms [32 Bit] Version

      Hi All.. I have the same problem with this case ( Place a Tab Canvas within a Tab Canvas ).
      but I need help with my case, what if there is more stack canvas, like this :
      - I created Tab Canvas first, then
      - in my first Tab Canvas I put the new tab canvas (this solved), then
      - I create again new Tab Canvas in the second Tab Canvas.
      How do I control that in Trigger Level Form - WHEN-TAB-PAGE-CHANGED ? if I want to show if :
      - First Tab Canvas I klik then the second Tab Canvas is show (solved), then if
      - I klik second Tab Canvas then the third Tab Canvas is show. (this my case)
      thx b4 to all ...... I am newbie in forms

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