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    Passing object as a parameter to a method while dragging it to UI


      I am using webservice datacontrol to invoke "Secured webservice". Dragged a method from datacontrol and dropped it into UI, it passes a object(i.e., SOAHeader object) as input parameter and returns "String" as a output. So, here I have created a java class and passing it as an object to the method. When i deployed the app into Android emulator, while clicking that method as a button, its throwing me an error message *"HTTPStatusCode 500: Server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request"*. I tried to configure debugger to get log for remote deployment, after that the application itself not opening in emulator. Then how can i find the exact reason for this error message?

      Here I got few doubts,
      1) Is this the correct way of passing the object as a method input parameter?
      2) How can i invoke secured web service through "Webservice datacontrol" in ADF Mobile. I searched in google and got a link by andrejus "http://andrejusb.blogspot.be/2012/11/adf-mobile-secured-web-service-access.html", but not understanding about "*adfCredentialStoreKey*", what is it? and how can i use it?. I set the security policies as mentioned, is it enough to invoke the secured webservices without giving username/password?. Bit confused, can anyone please tell me more about accessing secured webservices from webservice datacontrol.
      3) I tried to configure debug option(as mentioned in developer's guide) to get log of remote deployment. I changed *"java.debug.enabled=true"* in cvm.properties. After that configuration, unable to open that mobile app through emulator. What could be the reason?