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    Get Berkeley DB from Oracle 11g Database (Android)

      Hello i have a Oravle 11 g Databse installed, I use Grails/Groovy to feed the DB.
      Here I use JDBC

      Now i want to know how can i create a Berkeley DB on my Android device?

      Thank you very much.
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          When you asked a similar quesiton is an earlier thread:
          Android - Execute Statements

          I said this:
          You may be using the wrong BDB product. BDB JE doesn't have a SQLLite interface. BDB (the C-based product) does. So you may want to ask your questions about BDB, Android and SLQLite on the BDB forum:
          Berkeley DB

          I believe you are using the wrong BDB product and the wrong forum. A similar question and answer are here:
          Benefits of using JE insted of SQLite for android