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    retrieve imported and validated Entities for further ESSBASE calc Script

      Hi folks,

      once the FDM processing is finished:
      The Event Script AftConsolidate is executed.
      It is retrieving all unique Entity entries (trialbalance command), Period (POV), Scenario (POV) etc. and is bulding a dynamic ESSBAE calc script command which is afterwards executed to ensure that even the leaf member are correctly transferred to ESSBASE, the nodes are refreshed/aggregated as well.

      This works perfectly ;-)

      MY ISSUE:
      I want to clone this logic into a custom web script which then can be executed adhoc via webfrontend / Task Flow.
      I tried to copy the AftCondolidate Script into this custom web script. UNFORTUNATELY i get an error: saying DATA ACCESS ERROR

      My assumption is, that the trialbalance command does not work wit the custom web scripts.

      Is that right? Are there any workarounds how to retrieve out of a custom web script the entity dimension and store the unique entity entries in an array?