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    connect oracle 10g with openoffice.calc

      I have created odbc connection for oracle so that the data i will update excel
      sheet that will be updated in my oracle database.
      I am using oracle database 10g on Windows XP.
      My openoffice.calc version : openoffice.org 3.0.0

      I followed these steps:

      start menu => settings => control panel => administrative tools => data sources(odbc)

      odbc => user dsn tab => add => select driver name => microsoft odbc for oracle .
      => data source name: demo_dsn
      description : any
      username : hr
      server : orcl (from tnsnames.ora)

      open openoffice.calc

      file => new => database

      database wizard dialog box:

      select connect to an existing database => odbc => next => odbc ds name: browse : demo_dsn => next => user name :hr(check password check box) => click on test connection
      => enter password=> connection established successfully.

      All the tables in HR schema are now showing in my excel db.When am updating data in oracle, update is showing in my excel sheet.But the reverse
      is throwing error. when am trying to update data from excel sheet its showing

      Error updating the current record.
      [Microsoft] [ODBC driver manager]driver does not support this attribute/option

      Thanks in advance.