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    Deploy taking 4 hours


      I've a small java application that implements a java client for dynamics CRM webservice, all works well except than when i deploy the same to a jar file it takes about 4 hours.
      Anyone can give me a pointer to reason of this slowness.

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          Timo Hahn
          User, I never heard of this. Which JDev verison do you use?
          How do you deploy? to an EAR? Directly to the server?

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            i use and i'm deploying to a jar file.

            this project was originally created with netbeans because the microsoft crm training kit ha the example with that IDE. i've than imported from netbeans to jdeveloper.
            the webservice client was created using wsdl2java and there is a very big java source file that i can not open with netbeans or jdeveloper, because it hangs consuming lots of memory.

            i'm trying to create a new application and using classpath to reference some of the classes generated, but i'm deploying at his moment and i can see in the windows explorer that the jar is growing very slowly(in about 15 minutes it only have about 180kb)


            the log from jedeveloper

            [11:04:07 AM] ---- Deployment started. ----
            [11:04:07 AM] Target platform is Standard Java EE.
            [11:04:07 AM] Running dependency analysis...
            [11:04:07 AM] Building...
            [11:04:30 AM] Deploying profile...
            [03:23:56 PM] Wrote Archive Module to X:\Gin\PRODUCAO\BANEMA\WORK\V009\crmgin\crmgin\deploy\wscrm.jar
            [03:23:56 PM] Elapsed time for deployment: 4 hours, 19 minutes, 49 seconds
            [03:23:56 PM] ---- Deployment finished. ----

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              Timo Hahn
              This is not normal. How big the the resulting jar?

              When you deploy (or after it), you can switch to the messages tab in the output window and see the command which is executed. The command line might give you a clue what's going on.
              You should see output like
              Context: selection=BAETSOCViewController.jpr application=BlogAllEditTableSOC.jws project=BAETSOCViewController.jpr node=BAETSOCViewController.jpr
              Writing task flow registry 'file:/Q:/QT/BlogAllEditTableSOC/BAETSOCViewController/classes/META-INF/task-flow-registry.xml'
              [7:36:25 PM] Appc compilation begin
              Compiling out of process...
              r:\java\\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_24\jre\bin\javaw.exe -Xms128m -Xmx512m -Xverify:none -client -classpath r:\java\\Oracle\Middleware\jdk160_24\lib\tools.jar;P:\wlserver_10.3\server\lib\weblogic.jar -Dweblogic.jsp.diagnosticWithAbsolutePath=true -Dweblogic.classloader.noJarSigners=true weblogic.appc "@C:\Users\hahn\AppData\Local\Temp\appcCommandList8044910449195099890.txt"
              [7:36:27 PM] Appc compilation end
              [7:36:27 PM] Successful compilation: 0 errors, 0 warnings.

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                i've abandoned the deploy to jar file from jdeveloper and i'm doing the jar using the command line.
                I think that i don't have any message when i was doing the deploy.

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                  Kamaal, Saif Kamaal
                  When you are building from Jdev what is the size of the jar ?
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                    about 7Mb
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                      FYI - I am running into this problem as well. I have a small project that we deploy as jar. Final jar is about 117 KB.
                      In the deploy runs consistently in literally 2 seconds. In the deploy takes over 2 minutes consistently.
                      No helpful messages in the log.
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                        I did some additional testing and in our case, the slowdown is only when writing to a network drive. If I deploy to my C drive, deployment time goes back down to 2 seconds. Maybe that will help in your situation too.