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      hi everybody

      please how can i write a java program to show table of any number entered by user using for loop

      please if can explain that with images in simple steps because i'm beginner ,
      thanks for help .
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          The fact that you're a beginner says that you should be reading a good book on Java, not signing up to this forum. You're nowhere near ready to be asking questions, first you need to invest a great deal of time to learn and understand this stuff.

          Head First Java 2nd edition is a good book if you like to learn through puzzles and games.
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            please i need this now
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              please i need this now
              Then you should start right away. This forum does not have a 'now'. It only has notions such as 'maybe' and 'sometimes'.

              The sooner you start the sooner you will reach your goal. Please post what you have done since you began.
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                Start from here :) http://www.amazon.com/Java-Programmers-2nd-Deitel-Developer/dp/0132821540
                Good Luck
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                  I take it you have this need in a programming class... drop the class, take it again next quarter, and read the book and pay attention in class. If you have done these things, then I seriously advise you to consider another line of study.