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    BAM Migration


      I am new to BAM.

      I have created a simple data obejct and BAM report.I have done this in our dev.

      Could someone tell me how do I migrate this data object and report to other envs like Test and Production without the need to create them manually again.

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          BAM comes with ICommand utility application using which u can migrate reports and data objects from one environment.

          All u have to do is export the BAM data objects and reports from ur dev environment. And import the same in other environments.

          Plz refer http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12839_01/integration.1111/e10224/bam_app_icommand.htm

          Thanks and regards,
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            Could anyone please suggest on how to migrate the data(rows) from the data objects?
            As per oracle documentation,
            "ii) External Data Objects:Export the project external data objects that are of interest for your project.

            Usage: icommand cmd=export type=eds name=”/Folder/EDSName” file=myEDSdata.xml

            Note – when the External Data Object is exported the contents are exported along with the definition, but when the external data objects are imported, the contents will be ignored. Folder name may or may not be required depending on your project organization.


            But I still want the data inside the dataobjects. Is there any explicit way to do this?

            Naveen Kumar T.
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              For this migration you need to do two things:
              1] export data-objects
              2] export reports
              after export you need to import into where env you want. both are can easily done by using Icommand.

              The best way to learn Oracle BAM is from oralce documentation
              if you want to learn hole BAM please follow http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/dev.1111/e10224/partpage_bam.htm#BABDCGGI

              for this migration please use the Icommand http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/dev.1111/e10224/bam_icommand.htm#BABHHIBB

              one you done last link you can easily done migration.

              Best Regards
              Siva Shankar