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    OCFS2 over network

      Hello All,

      I am new to OCFS and had a question on what I can expect from OCFS2.

      I have a simple three node home lab setup to learn OCFS2.

      Node 1: 2x250GB drives, Ubuntu 12.10 (x86_64)
      Node 2: 1 100GB drive OL 6.3 (x86)

      Node 3: Client to mount the OCFS2 cluster file system.

      I have installed OCFS2 on Node 1 and 2 and configured the cluster.conf.

      I am unsure how do I mount multiple drives of node 1 over the network? Will I have to use iSCSI or NFS to share it over the network?

      Is it possible to get 2x250+100 = 600GB of a storage over the network?

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          Avi Miller-Oracle
          977108 wrote:
          I am new to OCFS and had a question on what I can expect from OCFS2.
          You also have a misunderstanding of how OCFS2 works: OCFS2 is a clustered filesystem, which allows multiple hosts to mount the same filesystem at the same time. This requires shared storage, either presented via Fibre Channel or iSCSI. In your setup, the local disks are not shared between the nodes, therefore there is no need to use OCFS2 on those nodes. If you want to share the local storage of Node 1 and Node 2 to Node 3, just use NFS. If you actually need proper shared/clustered storage, you'll have to turn one of those machines into a filer, present the disks as iSCSI LUNs to the other two machines and then use OCFS2 to allow both of the other two machines to mount the iSCSI LUN at the same time.
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            Thanks Avi. That answers my question about what to expect with OCFS2.