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    DEFAULT_PLAN set, Parallel processing stops.

      Hi Guys.
      In our Exa machine I have enabled CPU caging by performing the two following tasks:
      alter system set resource_manager_plan = 'default_plan';
      alter system set cpu_count = 2;
      So, All application users are in the default_consumer_group.
      The active resource plan is the DEFAULT_PLAN.
      I have not created any additional directive besides the ones autmatically defined.
      The OTHER_GROUP subplan, which all our application users are a part of, has the following settings defined
      Level 1 75% and Level 2 80%
      The directive values are all UNLIMITED for max degree of parallelism, max percentage of parallel server target,, parallel queue timeout etc.
      Also for threshold values alll is set to unlimited.
      However, immediately after setting
      alter system resource_manager_plan='default_plan', all parallel processing stops. Setting
      alter system resource_manager_plan='', all parallel processing starts according to the degree level on the objects.
      What am i missing here? A default PARALLEL_DEGREE_LIMIT_P1 directive I can not see?

      Kjell Ove