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    DB Adapter is Throwing Error while inserting records but the transaction is

    Sharat P

      I am trying to insert records into a table, The DB adapter is throwing error that Unique constraint violated, But all the records are getting inserted into the DB. The process is not marked for roll back. the process is entering into binding fault block also. I am using XA transaction in the DB adapter.

      <part name="summary">
      <summary>Exception occured when binding was invoked. Exception occured during invocation of JCA binding: "JCA Binding execute of Reference operation 'insert' failed due to: DBWriteInteractionSpec Execute Failed Exception. insert failed. Descriptor name: [CreateJDEE1DBAdapterV1.F927]. Caused by java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-00001: unique constraint (Test.F927_PK) violated . Please see the logs for the full DBAdapter logging output prior to this exception. This exception is considered not retriable, likely due to a modelling mistake. To classify it as retriable instead add property nonRetriableErrorCodes with value "-1" to your deployment descriptor (i.e. weblogic-ra.xml). To auto retry a retriable fault set these composite.xml properties for this invoke: jca.retry.interval, jca.retry.count, and jca.retry.backoff. All properties are integers. ". The invoked JCA adapter raised a resource exception. Please examine the above error message carefully to determine a resolution. </summary>
      <part name="detail">
      <detail>ORA-00001: unique constraint (Test.F927_PK) violated </detail>
      <part name="code">

      Please help.