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    How to handle make current for programmatic VO

      I have a view object that populates row-sets based on a procedure. The procedure returns an oracle object list, which I am able to convert to the View Object's row.
      The executeQueryForCollection() runs my procedure stores my data using
          protected void executeQueryForCollection(Object qc, Object[] params,
                                                   int noUserParams) {
              Object[] bind_variable = null;
              String qry =
                  "begin hr.PROC_test(:1); end;";
              try {
                      CallableStatement stmt =
                      stmt.registerOutParameter(1, OracleTypes.ARRAY,
                      Array arr = stmt.getArray(1);
                      Object[] array = (Object[])arr.getArray();
                      ROW_COUNT = array.length;//my way to get estimated row count, since the row count for my result set is unpredictable. max of 3000 records
                      rs = arr.getResultSet();
                      storeNewResultSet(qc, rs);
              } catch (Exception e) {
              } finally {
                  super.executeQueryForCollection(qc, params, noUserParams);//I don't know whether this is really required
          private void storeNewResultSet(Object qc, ResultSet rs) {
              ResultSet existingRs = getResultSet(qc);
              // If this query collection is getting reused, close out any previous rowset - got from below link
              if (existingRs != null) {
                  try {
                  } catch (SQLException s) {
              setUserDataForCollection(qc, rs);
              hasNextForCollection(qc); // Prime the pump with the first row.
      The View object is used in a page as a readonly table.
      Now the problem I am facing is :
      When I select a row, the make current property of table gets fired. This will call executeQueryForCollection with an additional param (bind variable) with name "fbkKy__0" (i believe it is find by key) and value : my current row's key value.
      Since my executeQueryForCollection is called, the procedure gets executed again(This is also not required because, the procudure does takes time, and is not required to re-execute always).
      The UI table will show the selection, but my iterator is pointing to the first row. And as a result am not able to get the current row in the bean.

      I developed the above VO based on below link and the fusion middle ware developer's guide.
      ref : http://adfpractice-fedor.blogspot.in/2011/01/adf-bc-programmatically-populated-vo.html