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    How to Interface to Fusion Application

      Our client is migrating to Fusion from oracle apps where there are custom interfaces that has to migrated to Fusion Apps.
      Basically interfaces that are inbound and outbound with many validations.

      We have suggested BPEL as a tool to write interfaces for both in and out. Would like to know if there are any other alternative approaches to perform the task.
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          There are some consideration, when examine an integration tool, like:

          Are the interfaces going to be synchronous, Asynchronous?
          Should they be completed in a matter of hours/minutes/sec'/milisec'….?
          What is the frequency of the processes?
          What is the amount and type of data you want to integrates?
          How do you want to monitor the processes?
          And many more…

          Oracle fusion Middleware contains a lot of tools and possibilities. You need to understand first your requirements.
          Beside Bpel, you can examine OSB as well.
          There are many differences between the both, but, they also share some common functionality.
          For example, they both runs on a weblogic server, can run synchronous processes, transform and manipulate data, manage faults and more.
          OSB can't run Asynchronous process, so you can't build a process that waits for a human intervention (for example) in order to continue the process.
          On the other hand OSB is much better on running synchronous processes.
          (You can find many threads and discussions regarding both possibilities)

          I'm working with Oracle application many years and got my solutions in Bpel Process Management.