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    FDM Mapping rules

      Hello everyone,

      I have a doubt concerning the FDM Mapping rules.

      I need to map a group of source accounts (extracted from SQL Server) that, depending of their joint amount, they will either be considered one account or another on the target (HFM).

      I believe there is already a thread that refers to a similar subject but without the additional complexity of being a group of accounts. What I need is to sum all the amounts of the different accounts that constitute this group and, only afterwards, evaluate its amount and map it to one or another account (depending if the summed amount is positive or negative). Not to evaluate and map each source account individually but as a whole.

      Is there a native way to do this in FDM or do I have to recur to SQL scripting to do it?

      Thanks in advance.

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          This is possible with native FDM functionality. Take a look at Logic Accounts in the FDM admin guide. You should be able to create a simple logic account to perform the aggregation of the required accounts and you would then map this logic account with a conditional map script based on whether it is positive or negative in value.