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    Java Data Bean Not Seeing Products That Have No Organization Set

    Brenton Phillips-Oracle
      When I use the Java Data Bean to access my products, the query will only return products that have the organization set. I have need to access ALL of the products that are present (regardless of whether or not they have an organization set). How can I do this? Am I using the wrong business object and business component? Below is my code:

      SiebelDataBean dataBean = new SiebelDataBean();
      System.setProperty("file.encoding", "utf8");
      dataBean.login("siebel.TCPIP.None.None://" + siebelServerHost + ":" + siebelServerPort + "/" + siebelEnterpriseName + "/eCommunicationsObjMgr_enu", siebelUser, siebelUserPassword);
      SiebelBusObject productSBO = dataBean.getBusObject("Admin ISS Product Definition");
      SiebelBusComp productSBC = productSBO.getBusComp("Internal Product - ISS Admin");

      System.out.println("HERE " + productSBC.getFieldValue("Name"));
      while (productSBC.nextRecord()) {
      System.out.println("HERE " + productSBC.getFieldValue("Name"));