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    Loss of OPA rule files

      Hi guyz,

      I have lost my rule files latest version however I have the output zip files stored on the web determinations server.Is there any way out by which I can get the rule files back by using the output zip files ?

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          Ben Rogers
          Hi Mayuresh,

          Sorry to hear that you lost your rule files. If all you have is the rulebase.zip file you can, in theory, reverse-engineer this back into rule documents. As far as I know, there is no automated way of doing this. The XML format looks different to the Import/Export xml formats.

          If you open up the <rulebase_name>.zip file, that you have, within that file will be a <rulebase_name>.xml file. Open that and you will see all of your rules but in XML format. For example:

          <conclude attr-id="income_exists" entity-id="global" scope-id="global0">
          <true-value />
          <attribute attr-id="number_of_income" />
          <false-value />

          This XML relates back to the front end rule:

          the case involves income if
          ..the number of income instances > 0

          Also, the rulebase xml will be in optimised order, it won't be ordered by word / excel documents. So you would have to reconstruct the OPM project structure from memory unfortunately.

          If your rulebase is fairly small then it shouldnt take too long to do manually. For a massive rulebase it may be worth investigating if you can automate at least some of the conversion process with a custom tool otherwise it would take a long time to convert back into rule documents...or if you still have the source material you should consider if it would take longer to re do the rules from scratch.

          If there is a custom tool out there I would be interested to hear about it!