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    Shell Script Identity Attributes - WSUSER_xxxx

    Alex Fonts

      I need to implement the Self Service on my IDM enviroment, which have about twelve resources adapters (Solaris, DB Oracle, Custom and Shell Script adapters).

      I'm working with shell script adapter and when I'm trying to change the password through the 'Update User Resource Action' in which I can see the OS variables WSUSER_accountId, WSUSER_firstname, nevertheless, the variable $WSUSER_password (previously mapped) has a null value, even in the 'Create User Resource Action'.

      Review the documentation about this, find that "Pass-through authentication" is not sopported (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19225-01/820-6551/giivd/index.html).

      Somebody knows if the change password feauture is supported for Shell Script Adapter on Sun IDM 8.1??

      Thanks in advance