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    Dimensions not appearing in + Add Location, xMgr 3.1 MDEX 6.3

    Terry Wilson
      I am having an issue with the dimensions not appearing in + Add Location, xMgr 3.1 MDEX 6.3, using latest deployment template with vanilla config changes. Simple experience manager page set up with one main content item, results list
      This is a fairly simple pipeline config, no Dep TemplateProduct Catalog Integration or FCM
      I have tried setting the post forge dimensions by command line using the DT components (no errors in platforms services logs) and also by

      D:\Endeca\apps\myapp\control>emgr_update host localhost:8006 action set_post_forge_dims prefix myapppost_forge_file d:\Endeca\apps\myapp\data\workbench\temp\myapp.dimensions.xml -app_name myapp

      The post forge dimension files exist and looks good

      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated