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    Unable to login into analytics (login into EM and console ok) with weblogic


      I was forced to do a reset to my weblogic user password (following this steps: http://middlewaretechnologies.blogspot.pt/2011/08/resetting-weblogic-server-admin.html) because when I made a reboot the weblogic server did not start. The bit about editing the boot.properties file wasn't enough so I deleted the ldap directory (have a backup though).

      After doing that the server is up and running with all the services active, I am able to connect to Enterprise Manager and Console, but unnable to connect to analytics and to the online repository using the BI Admin Tool.
      And under Security Realms -> Myrealm -> User & Groups -> Groups, I don't see any of the BI Authors, BIAdministrators,... (All of the BI) groups that I thought were there by default...

      Any help is appreciated!