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    Ftp service on solaris 10 cluster nodes

      I am new to solaris cluster.
      I would like to run FTP service on cluster nodes. I want to use the FTP highly available even if one node fails in the cluster.
      can any one have the steps to configure it?

      Cluster version: Solaris cluster 3.3
      OS Verion: Solaris 10
      Hardware: Sparc T4-1

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          this are some questions as follow if i do
          this's no right way that jus only configure cluster.
          the cluster server can provide you a floating IP, and just enable FTP Server on ths os
          you need think other way to fix FTP data sync.

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            In case you use shared storage - you not have problem with data sync.

            Configure failover resourse group.
            Configure 2 resourses: Logical address and HAStoragePlus for Storage.

            Configure on every node frp-server as required. ( Anonymous etc).
            Configure HOME for users on shared stroage ( under HAStoragePlus control).