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    OBIA reports

      I need to find out functionality of OBIA dashboards/reports can anyone help with documentation please?!

      I have searched the forums but the only link to documents I can find is asking for an identifier and as I am new on here I do not know what that means.

      Many thanks

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          You question is not clear.. are you looking for OBIA modules related to dashboards/report?
          or to learn and creating those?

          For OBIA related modules you need to contact your sales rep.

          To learn
          Check this link for learning about Answers and Dashboards

          If helps pls mark as correct/helpful

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            Helen - Check the Product Guides for what ever the BI Analytics you are trying to Impliment... It has complete explanantion about the Usage, Purpose, User Focus for all the Reports, dashboards and Subject Areas

            Check the Metalink - ID 1426983.1 for Product Guides

            Hope this helps...