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    CM:  control counts in a BAI-formatted bank statement file


      Having a dispute with the bank. We're currently using the bank's propietary bank statement file. We're trying to move to one of the standard formats, in this case, the BAI (actually BAI2) format. So we're testing their BAI-formatted bank statement file.

      However, one of the control counts in a test file is off. Oracle CM is flagging this. The total credits control count in the file is not the same as counted during the processing of the file by Oracle CM. At issue are float adjustment transactions which are in the file but not counted in the file's total credits control count, re: BAI type code 100 in record type 03 contains the total credits control amount and the total credits control count.

      Float adjustment transactions are described as credit detail transactions (which have a BAI type code of 397). They are non-monetary transactions and thus their associated credit amount is 0. Are these transactions part of the total credits control count? Per BAI specs, I believe that they are counted.

      Thanks, Mike