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    How do I check whether Java is installed on web-user machine via browser?


      My task is to determine whether the visitor can run java applets on his PC. To know this I need to check whether the visitor has JRE installed.
      I tried to use navigator.javaEnabled() function for this, but actually it gives information only about the browser's permissions.
      Also I tried to use deployJava script for this, but looks like it tried to run some java applet and this raised some popups on my browser. Sometimes it asks the user to permit the evaluation of java, which is not a suitable behavior for me.

      I know there is a page http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp which also checks for java. I lioke this page: it doesn't ask some security permissions and displays the java version correctly.

      So the question is: how can I check java version on some web-site visitor PC reliably and without showing security permission dialogs?