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    create signature/image from XML?

    Gregg M
      Hi everybody,

      We've been asked by a business area if it's feasible to reproduce a user-filled PDF form given the XML data. By that I mean a user electronically fills in a PDF form. The entered value are given to us in the form of XML, and they want us to reproduce the form, including the user-provided data, along with a cover letter, in an output stream. Questions/issues:

      1. Some of these PDF forms are rather complex, so we'd rather not draw the PDF in DM Studio from scratch. I'm unaware of a capability within Documaker to import or convert PDFs to Documaker components (forms/faps, etc), but I'm told the creaters of the PDF form can give us a TIFF, and so I'm thinking of converting the TIFF and importing it as an image (our standard output stream is Xerox metacode, so I'd create a .LOG that I'd then convert to a Xerox image and drop into our image repository as well as our Xerox printers and then just reference the image as an overlay of sorts). Does anybody know of any alternatives to accomplish this task?

      2. One of the things on the PDF form is a user signature. This signature is then passed to us as a field within the XML (it's a convoluted value, upwards of 20,000 bytes). Can Documaker, in batch mode on MVS (although we could port it to Linux if need be), take that XML field and reproduce the signature? I skimmed the DM Studio User Guide as well as the XML Guide documentation and it didn't say anything about signatures, and I don't know what else to look under (as far as documentation).

      Thanks in advance,