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    Oracle forms 11g , mailmerge errors WUO-712 and WUO-707


      client_ole2.set_property(mm_obj, 'Destination', 0);
      WUO-712 Unable to set Property: {0}; Exception: {1}.Type: UserDescription: WebUtil was unable to set the specified Property tothe specified value

      client_ole2.invoke(mm_obj, 'Execute');
      WUO-707 Unable to invoke Method: {0}; Exception: {1}.Type: UserDescription: WebUtil was unable to invoke the specifiedMethod

      I migrated oracle forms 10g application to Oracle forms 11g.
      One form uses mailmerge is failing. This options was working in previous 10g version using WinWord 2003.
      Failing in current version Oracle 11g and Winword 2007

      Three documents are invovled in the process
      mailmerge_data.docx --- datasource document -- have address attributes
      FOBSENT.docx -- template document

      output.docx -- using mail merge options address are populated from mailmeger_data.docx into FOBSENT.dox and created a new output word document which we send it to customer.

      ------------------------------------------------------- WUO-712 and WUO-707
      client_ole2.set_property(mm_obj, 'Destination', 0); -- 0 is value of constant wdSendToNewDocument
      client_ole2.invoke(mm_obj, 'Execute');
      Any help to resove this is apprciated.

      Thanks in Advance