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    APEX synonyms missing after installation of 4.2

      Hi all,
      we encounter a strange problem when installing APEX 4.2: After the installation, which takes place without any errors, the automated application installation using the SQL-Scripts is no longer working.
      The problem seems to be that severeal synonyms for APEX packages are missing, especially the synonyms for APEX_INSTALLATION are not available. Has anybody encountered this issue? I'm able to install any installation using the IDE but when I try to export an application and install it using the export script, this then no longer works.

      We installed APEX 4.2 on Oracle XE 11g and EPG on Linux and Windows, and also installation with Apache / APEX-Listener shows the same behaviour.

      Best regards,

      J. Sieben
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          Patrick Wolf-Oracle
          Hi Jürgen,

          are you sure APEX_INSTALLATION was a synonym of us? Because I couldn't find any reference to that in our code. The package we use in our export/import scripts is wwv_flow_application_install/apex_application_install.

          Which other synonyms are missing. And how does such an APEX_INSTALLATION call look like?

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            Hi Patrick,

            sorry, I've been mislead in regard to the synonym name we're missing. Actually, in our installation, many synonyms are missing, including APEX_APPLICATION_INSTALL. Our scripts moan about this, as they can't resolve this package name. Here's a list of the synonyms that were created during installation. As you can see, all APEX_* and HTMLDB_* synonyms are missing:


            So as a result of this, even if we export an application from the 4.2-IDE, we can't get it to install properly using SQL*Plus. When installing the exported application using the IDE, everything works fine though.
            Can you advice us on how to check the installation script? Should there be a script file that installs the synonyms? We were searching for it, but had no luck finding it.

            best regards,

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              just to conclude this open discussion: We were able to fix the problem.
              Reason was that we were running a script along with the installation that adjusted Workspace-ID etc. according to our requirements. This script calle apex_application_install in the following form:


              Due to a change in the creation of the synonyms (they now belong to PUBLIC and not to APEX_040100 anymore), this then caused the error we encountered. After fixing this, anything works fine.

              Best regards,